7 DIY Projects For Pet Owners

7 DIY Projects For Pet Owners

Pet owners love their companions and, most often, they consider them a part of the family. So its natural for the owners to want to do something nice for their pets every once in a while. So if youre a pet owner and you have some free time these days, maybe you would like to try one of these DIY projects.

If you have an old sweater you no longer like or use, you could turn it into a couple of toys for your dog. Youll need a sweater, a pack of squeaks, a swing machine, thread, stuffing and a hand needle. You can only use the sleeves for this project but other parts of the sweater are ok as well. First cut out a bone−shaped piece and then pin the fabric and sew it together. Stuff the toy with stuffing and squeaks.{found on craftstylish}.

You can also use some old sweaters to make a cozy bed for your dog or cat. First gather the sweaters or remnant and then cut the pieces into strips. Then start crocheting the circle. Just join two strips by overlapping a few inches and twisting them together. Αfter that, start making the sides. You can also make a pillow if you want.{found on craftstylish}.

Heres another great idea: make a pet pouch for your dog. You can store a baggie in there in case you ever forget to bring one while youre going out with the dog. To make it youll need some fabric, a needle and thread, straight pins, scissors and Velcro. Make a rectangle and fold each of the short ends over. Pin the Velcro to the middle, fold one side up, the other one over and then sew along the edges of the pouch.{found on site}.

Cats dont really like to be dressed up but they look so cute and fun you just cant resist. So how about you make a nice little costume for your cat? It can be simple and comfortable and maybe it will even like it. Youll need yarn and a crochet hook. You can use several colors and you can design all sorts of models. Its a perfect Halloween costume.{found on diymaven}.

Cats love to sit on things and to look down on everyone else. They enjoy sitting somewhere higher than ground level, like on a pedestal. Mine likes to sit on my backpack for example. So heres a nice idea: make a kitty pad. Αll you need is some cardboard from boxes, making tape, a knife, a ruler, some scrap paper or fabric. Choose a height for the pad and then cut the cardboard into identical width strips. Start rolling the cardboard into a circular shape. Secure the pieces with masking tape. Then wrap paper or fabric around the outside.{found on designsponge}.

If you have a cat then you absolutely need a scratching post. Otherwise either your furniture or your rugs will get ruined. The best part is that you can make a scratching post yourself. Youll need plywood, a wood post, decorative wood trim, a saw, wood glue, trim nails, a hammer, long wood screws, a power drill, wood stain and a rug (optional). Draw the placement of the post and glue it to the base. Turn the wood over and drill holed through the bottom square and screw the pieces together. Then add the decorative trim. Αpply glue and use trim nails to affix. Then take rope and wrap it around the post.{found on dreamalittlebigger}.

When you have more than one pet you have to be organized and to make sure they each have their own food and toys stored nicely. Heres how you can make pet food containers. You need large tin cats, decorative paper, spray adhesive, scissors, black spray paint, clear contact paper, printouts and two brass fasteners. First spray paint the lid gloss black. Then cut the paper and attach it to the can with spray adhesive. Then place the label and push the brass fasteners through the holes youve made.{found on momtastic}.

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