6 Untraditional shower caddies, playful designs for unique decors

6 Untraditional shower caddies, playful designs for unique decors

In the bathroom theres really not much space for creativity. Αlmost all the elements that need to go in there have specific elements that have to be respected. Βut there are also some smaller elements that allow room for originality and that give you the opportunity to personalize the dcor and change the atmosphere. One of these elements is the shower caddy. Its a very useful piece but its also an element that comes in many different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Here are a few untraditional shower caddies that we think would brighten up the atmosphere.

These 3−basket shower caddies come in two very vibrant and bold colors. They’re simple but they also stand out with their color. They feature built−in drainage holes and hinged plastic arms and theyre very practical.Αvailable for $14,99 each.

If you prefer something a little more cheerful, something that the kids would love too, these octopus shower caddies are the perfect choice. They have eight latex arms for shampoo bottles and other bathroom supplies.Αvailable for $35.

This is a chic shower caddy designed like a white branch. It has three stacked shelves and theyre decorated with bright white birds, metal rails, hooks and round hole for easy access and practicality.Αvailable for $35.

This modular shower caddy consists of a rectangular, rust−proof metal frame and four detachable shelves. Each shelf includes a removable silicone insert with perforations, perfect for toothbrushes and razors.Αvailable for $70.

Made of natural teak wood, this shower caddy is an unexpected addition to the bathroom. It includes two removable hooks and features soft foam that prevents sliding and scratching. The wood is unsealed.Αvailable on site.

This is a friendly−looking shower caddy. Its an owl−shades caddy and features a beautiful blue color. It has two shelves and two hooks and its great for families with children. Cheerful and practical at the same time.Αvailable for $24.

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