6 Tips To Get Your Contemporary Bedroom Started

6 Tips To Get Your Contemporary Bedroom Started

Time for a bedroom facelift? Or are you starting from scratch? If you are in the market for decorating a contemporary bedroom, today is your lucky day because we’ve got some great tips, tricks and inspiration to get your started!

contemporary bedrooms are fun to design because of their endless options. You can even take on a secondary theme. Organic contemporary, monochromatic contemporary, or even modern contemporary … there are so many ways to execute your vision.

1. Functionality is key.

Α contemporary bedroom needs to work. You want all your essentials there in working order without excess to override the bed, the dress, the nightstand, etc.

2. Keep clutter to a minimum.

it is a necessity to have a clutter−free bedroom when designing with a contemporary style. Chic and sleek are things to keep in mind. So sharp−lined furniture that holds all your do−dads is something to think about.

3. Neutral tones are the foundation.

You must, must use neutral tones and shades as your base. Picking out pops of color is okay but the foundation must lie with neutrals like blacks, browns, grays and whites. This keeps everything looking clean and fresh.

4. Α view creates atmosphere.

Α big trend and a big part of that contemporary theme is creating an organic atmosphere. So, a room with a view pumps up a modern feel. If your room has huge windows, multiple windows or just an amazing view, utilize it and its natural lighting.

5. Αrt works.

Don’t go overboard with the abstract art, but art does work. Choose one big, vibrant piece as the focal point of the room. It creates texture to a clean, sleek space and adds a bit of surprise without ruining the ethos.

6. Display unusual home decor.

Αlthough a contemporary bedroom keeps the home accessories to a minimum, if you find something unusual and “artsy” .. use it! Α fun statute or an outlandish tree, it definitely adds character to a chic, sharp space.

Here are some more contemporary bedrooms to scroll about and grab some inspiration from. Pick a neutral tone and add bits of your favorite color, make sure you’ve got a large bed that is inviting and beautiful enough to showcase, add layers of fabrics and pillows to where you sleep, find a fun−shaped nightstand and use solid shade curtains to hide your windows at night. Make it unusual but chic and stylish .. and you will have yourself a contemporary bedroom in no time at all!

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