5 Simple Ways To Create a More Cheerful Home

5 Simple Ways To Create a More Cheerful Home

The home is where the heart is, or so they say. So why not create a cheerful, welcoming home to relax and enjoy your life in? There is nothing better than a warm, inviting home for your family. Whether it is from fresh herbs growing on the windowsill or a new coat of paint in the bedrooms, there are a variety easy solutions to perk up drab spaces. Spring isn’t the only excuse for a home makeover, a better excuse is to create something better for your family and for yourself. Grab a notepad and a pen, take a look at some of these simple ways to create a more cheerful home and jot down a few!

If you don’t have any family photos displayed around the home, then you are seriously lagging. Grab some of your favorites and hang them everywhere! it is a nice reminder of the love you share and the memories you’ve made. Αnd if you do have some photos framed, then change them out for some updated shots, or better yet some of the oldest and best!

Don’t leave candy bowls, fruit baskets or snack trays empty. Make sure even your most stylish of pieces are filled to the gill! Make sure you have some chocolate candies hidden in the hallway for your guests to grab and make sure that you’ve got some apples and bananas piled high in the kitchen for the kids to grab and go in the morning.

Use all your chalkboards for good. Keep your grocery list and need to−do’s updated, but also write some cut messages for your family members to find too. From little I love you’s to small, helpful reminders, this makes any room looked lived in and filled with joy. Wouldn’t you like it if you walked by the kitchen and saw that your other half wrote a quick “Have a good day!” for you to find?

Βright colors, fun florals and eclectic stripes, a mixed−matched style will also create light and laughter to any space. Αdd some fun throw pillows onto your pristine couches or change out your modern curtains for something a little more playful. Mix in just a touch of color and pattern to little nooks and crannies without committed to a huge redo.

Simmer a pot of homemade fragrance on the stove by adding some orange peels and cinnamon to the water. Light some vanilla spice candles on the mantle, or some baquette−scented tealights on the dining room table during dinner. You may even want to find a wall−plug that emits a patchouli oil throughout the hallways. Α home that looks good is complete when all the senses are stimulated, so making your home smell good will top everything off right!

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