5 Chicken Wire DIY Ideas For The Home

5 Chicken Wire DIY Ideas For The Home

Known on the farm to keep the hens at bay, chicken wire is much more functional, versatile, useful and surprisingly stylish than once was thought. Now it is used in an abundance of home decor diy projects, seamlessly turning parts of your home into more decadent, artistic spaces.

If you plan on using chicken wire throughout your home or even in just one room, remember there is only a few different style themes it’ll mold into without coming off kitschy or out of place. Country kitchens, shabby chic bathrooms or rustic bedrooms are great choices to home any one of these unique DIY projects. Βut keep in mind that it’ll be hard using chicken wire in a more modern setting with more trendy and upscale pieces. Jus tremember to keep your vision in mind when you start to plan your projects or shopping trips.

Now for some simple, fun, chic, unique, out−of−the−box, homey chicken wire DIY’s.

#1. Fill those empty frames.

Instead of sliding in some scrapbook paper or a photo, fill that extra empty frame you have lying around the home with some chicken wire. Grab some clothespins to use as a memo board or hang something sweet like an initial or a name!{picture 1&2}.

#2. Cover or build a chandelier.

For an extremely shabby chic look, try building a chandelier or covering an old one with chicken wire (as a cage of sorts). Maybe even try out this DIY and give it a go yourself! Αll you need to do is go to a Dollar Store or local flea market to stock up on some wire and have at it.

#3. Door your cabinets.

Feeling adventurous? Take off those boring cabinet doors and cover them with a chicken wire door instead. it is a great way to display your favorite China or cookbooks in the kitchen or maybe even some of your favorite classic reads in the study or bedroom.{foudn on casasugar}.

#4. Grab a basket.

Chicken wire baskets are good for storage but great for display. it is a no mess way to put out pretty candies or seasonal fruits. Αnd it is just another excuse to try a great DIY project or go on a fun shopping trip!{found on 1&2}.

#5. Wall “paper” with it.

One of the newer trends that include chicken wire is to cover an entire wall with it! It gives the space texture and surprise without being overly country or shabby. it is more boho than any other style and a really fun way to show off some wall art!

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