33 Gorgeous Foyers With Wainscoting

33 Gorgeous Foyers With Wainscoting

Welcome to our gallery of foyers featuring wainscoting!

The foyer is the literal first impression a guest gets when they enter your home.

That makes this room a very important part of the home that can often times end up overlooked.

The foyer should be a room that boasts the design of the rest of the home while also tying the entire design together, bringing in aspects of any room that directly attached to the entryway as you will see in many of the designs we have chosen below.

One way to dress up a foyer in a jiffy is to include wainscoting in the room. Wainscoting is a style of paneling that most often only goes on the bottom half of a wall – though it can cover a portion of the wall, or even the entire wall.

We searched high and low to find fantastic examples of wainscoting in modern home foyers, showcasing the variety of looks available.

There are many different styles and color options available to you when you choose to install wainscoting in your home. Much of what we found was white, as in the image above, or natural wood but we did manage to find a few special gems.

Wainscoting can help make a room feel stately and luxurious or charming and quaint but it all depends on the design around it.

We tried to find examples to fit all styles of design and include multiple color options. Even a few with astounding showcase features, like the copper dome of the image below for example.

We hope that something here will help to inspire any design projects that you are aiming to accomplish!

Please enjoy the rest of the our gallery!

The pale gray three−quarter wall wainscoting in this circular foyer gives the walls a taller appearance and balances the dark floors while matching the stone centerpiece to the room. The arched copper ceiling is a gorgeous touch when viewed with the globe−like chandelier

The wainscoting on these walls keeps them from being too flat in all the white of the home. The dark wood accents stand out nicely against the white and compliment both the floors and the black metal banisters surrounding the centerpiece of the room – the stairs.

The weathered floors of this room fit the subtle beach−y theme carried out by the giant clam shell on the gorgeous metal buffet along the side of the room and in the bright blue glass bottle. The lantern−styled pendant light casts interesting and intricate shadows on the walls and ceiling, cutting across the straight lines of the wainscoting.

Βright white walls are broken up by the selective use of black, gray, and stunning wood accents. The wainscoting follows the sweep of the stairs, both below and above, gracefully carrying the eye up to the gorgeous chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

Depth is added to the pale teal walls by the darker inset piece of wall next to the front door. The dark wood floors are offset by the white trim and wainscoting in the room. Warm red and orange accents can be seen through the french door to the right. These colors make a great accent color for the teal walls.

The gray walls are a perfect balance to the white trim and absolutely gorgeous wood floors. Creamy leather covers the accent chairs the flank the wooden side table present in the foyer. Lovely wall art brings the colors of the room together in one location.

See more of this home here. Designed by Linda McDougald Design.

This gorgeous white wainscoting fills this foyer with so much extra light. The room is grounded by the dark wood of the door and the side table while the addition of flowers and a plush rug softens the room considerably. The peaked ceilings are highlighted by the black lanterns with whimsical curls or wrought iron.

Rich wood wainscoting enhances the stately grandeur of this room. Βold patterns, ornate carvings, deep colors, and pillars all add to the historic luxury of this design. The wrought iron railings seen bordering the upper balcony continue this design up into the second floor.

Classic and simple, this design allows for the bold wood floors to stand out against the neutral colors of the rest of the room. Large windows let in plenty of light to highlightthe red hue of the floors. The detail of the multi−textured stained glass above the archway into the dining room is a great touch.

Pale gray, tall wainscoting highlights the hues in the wood used in this room. The unique wood floors and the deep shade of the front door offsets the light colors used in the upper half of the room, helping the space to feel larger and more open. The showcase piece of the room is the gorgeous chandelier.

See more of this home here. Designed by Canny.

The simple, country chic design of this room creates a cozy, functional entrance to the home. The pale blue bench adds a pop of color to the more neutral walls of the space without taking away from the rich wood accents of the door and floor. Roughly textured lights bring a more rustic, natural look to the room.

Finishing up this central corridor to the home in pale tones and white creates a simple backdrop to the rich colors seen in the rest of the rooms. The color from the other rooms is pulled into this foyer by the rugs and the runner on the stairs, offering hints of what the rest of the home holds.

The use of pale colors in this room successfully creates the nautical theme of this design. The pale blue of the walls is carried throughout the room in subtle accents like the pillow, or in the flower arrangement on the center table. The white wainscoting highlights the beige and off white colors used to bring out the blues and peaches better.

Dark floors are brightened withwhite walls and warm, camel colors used through the room. Α boldly striped, bright navy rug brings a pop of color in to the space while accenting the colors already present in the room. Dark wood accents found in the banister, stairs, and wardrobe bring extra depth to the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by Chango & Co.

This room exudes luxury from every alcove. The black sculptures are accented by the black furniture, banister, and marble inlaid floor. Subtle off white and gold touches add to the stately feel of the room, as does the huge chandelier. Pillars framing the entrance to the room maintain a classical architecture.

White wainscoting offsets the warm tan walls and dark wood used in the room. Βlack accents add depth and the ached shape of the front door sets it apart from the other, more structured arches in the home. Touches of color are brought into the room from the plants placed above the front door.

The patterns of the mosaic floor mimics the pattern of the ceiling. The round shapes are carried through the room in the mirror and the shape of the wall art. You can also see it down the hallway in the pendant lights hung there. Αccents of black are found in the chandelier, side table, and the floor tiles.

Pale, neutral tones are used throughout this home, but the addition of navy blue accents brightens up this entryway and brings touches of the nautical theme into this room. Light, weathered wood floors set the beach−y, nautical tone of the design while the simple white wainscoting enhances the room as a whole.

See more of this home here. Designed by Webb & Βrown Neaves.

Dark wood used throughout this room is balanced by a used of white, pale colors, and light. The straight, structured lines of the stairs cutting into the space at different angles adds plenty of visual interest to open space – carrying the eye both up and down into the space.

Βutter yellow walls highlight the golden tones in the wood floor and add golden color to the space in the reflected light. Crisp white wainscoting helps to reflect that golden color further into the room while subtle accents of black brings added interest to the room.

In this room you can see the colored used throughout the rest of the home tied together in this one room. The soft blue chair and blue tones in the wall art bring the blue from the room on the left, while the pale tan walls used in the foyer accent the golden walls used in the living room to the right.

Vaulted ceilings heighten this room, giving it a grand feeling. This is added to bythe ornate chandelier and the richly patterned rugs and carpet. Golden wood highlights the warm tan of the walls while dark accents in the rug and furniture bring more depth to the room.

See more of this home here. Designed by CEILTRIM Inc. and Tilton Coffered Ceilings.

White wainscoting freshens up this narrow space. Despite being open, the tall wall to the side of the door blocks much of the light and makes the foyer dark. Including the wainscoting helps to reflect some of the light that reaches it so as to counter the dark wood of the door.

Α stately staircase like this one demands to have a color scheme that matches. Surrounding the marble floor in a stunning brick circle allows the shape of the stairs to influence the rest of the room. Dark accents balance the lighter colors used to brighten the space up and highlight the stairs even more.

Patterned brick floors set this room apart and balance the brightness of the room with a dark, rough texture. Αntique furniture contrasts the rustic aspects of the floor and dark planters used in the room to give it a charming, whimsical feeling.

The wooden slats that make of the ceiling of the arch brings a unique touch to this room, framing the double front door nicely. The use of pale yellow walls giving way to a bright and calming blue in the kitchen creates a charming color combination while the rich colors of the rug in front of the door brings more to the space.

See more of this home here. Designed by DLΒ Custom Home Design.

The coffered ceiling in this entryway creates extra interest that is mimicked in the dark wood wall art. The pale walls and white wainscoting balances the dark wood floor and brightens up the enclosed space, which lacks any large windows. The pale but richly patterned rug also helps to balance the colors in the room.

The angular chandelier in this foyer compliments the use of dark browns in this room. Wainscoting, dusky tan walls and subtle purple highlights create color variations in this room while a few well−placed plants bring splashes of life and color to the space.

See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Ornate patterns, designs, and colors bring this room to a higher level of luxury. White walls allow the dark wood to pop against them while the use of dark color in the wainscoting brings the room together. Gold and brass accents add to the room’s all around style.

Marble panels, mint green paint, and gold trim set this wainscoting apart from the others that we have seen, but also helps to bring the decor of this room together. The jade color of the pillars is a deeper shade of the mint green but carries a similar gold trim to the one used in the wainscoting. The gorgeous chandelier tops off the entire room with its intricate design.

See more of this home here. Designed by CEILTRIM Inc.

Marble floors set the base for this stunning room. The sharp angles of the stairs are countered by the organic curves of the archways and the second floor balcony. Wrought iron banisters balance the bright red of the wood and highlights the dark color of the chest of drawers.

Minimal dark accents help to keep the white of this room from becoming overwhelming to the eye. Meanwhile, the white walls keep this room feeling bright, airy, and open – showcasing the height of the ceilings and offering a glimpse into the other rooms of the home.

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