30 Space-Saving Corner Breakfast Nook Furniture Sets (BOOTHS)

30 Space-Saving Corner Breakfast Nook Furniture Sets (BOOTHS)

Αbout 5 years ago my wife and I were on a walk in our neighborhood and we noticed a home we thought looked pretty cool was having an open home.

I LOVE going to open homes and do so whenever I have time or happen to stumble upon one.

We marched into the home and took the tour. The home’s main living area was on the second floor (a concept I like).

While the lower floor was impressive with some bedrooms and renovated family room, the upper main living floor was spectacular.

It was in this home that I saw my first corner breakfast nook table with L−shaped booth in person.

It definitely made an impact on me. My wife liked it too. It was a custom booth in oak and matched the accompanying large table and chairs. It made for a great family dining area in the kitchen.

When we go out to eat, we prefer spacious booths. they are more comfortable and provide privacy.

we are not alone; many people prefer booths in restaurants. Sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant space is like floating among a sea of other diners… adrift while dining in a booth is like having a private oasis.

So the question is – if you prefer booths in restaurants, why not put one in your home? I am not suggesting it be your only dining option in your home; however, for family meals it is a great idea.

Dining nooks are great space−savers. You can accommodate more people in much less space compared to a traditional table and chairs. Moreover, as you will see below, they easily accommodate 5 plus people (some up to 7 people).

While you can certainly engage a custom cabinet maker to design, built and install a breakfast nook in your kitchen, that is not your only option.

I was delighted to discover that you can choose from several pre−built breakfast nooks ready to install.

Use the arrows to scroll through our large collection of breakfast and dining nook furniture sets.

This is a stunning L−shaped dining bench (cushioned) with chair and cushioned bench. Legs for seating and table are chrome. it is a rich yet modern breakfast nook or can work nicely as dining room set.

=> Αll breakfast nooks on this page – found at Αmazon, Hayneedle or Wayfair.

This 3−piece breakfast nook is an all−wood (manufactured wood) dark breakfast nook with an additional bench. You could add another chair for even more seating. The underside of the L−shaped bench is open for additional storage. it is not an overly large set which means it can fit in many corner spaces.

This particular model is very popular and very highly rated given it is not terribly expensive

This three piece breakfast nook can help brighten up your space or fit in nicely with a dominantly white color scheme. Like the nook above, this one also offers storage space under the main L−shaped bench. The table top and bench seats are pine.

This is a stunning contemporary large corner breakfast nook dining set complete with large L−shaped cushioned bench, geometrically interesting wood table with steel base and matching modern chair.

This 6 piece cushioned breakfast nook set is more substantial and comfortable than the 2 listed above (but also more expensive). The color is espresso throughout. The furniture frame is wood and the table top is marble.

I like the fact that this particular set does not require being wedged into a corner. it is a free−standing breakfast nook that can be placed anywhere, including a corner.

This is a great looking honey−finished all−wood breakfast nook that won’t empty your wallet (L−shaped bench priced under $400). The large open space under the L−shaped bench offers storage or access to floor heaters for a warm dining environment.

The pieces in this set can be reconfigured to fit in right or left facing corners. NOTE: the table and bench are sold separately.

This is a complete set with L−shaped bench, table and separate bench that seats 5 people. it is constructed with MDF (it is priced accordingly under $400). This design creates a kind of fun ship atmosphere in your kitchen… it would work really well in any honey wood or white kitchen design. It could also add a splash of white in a darker kitchen design.

This sleek, black corner dining set works as a free−standing unit or can be placed in the corner. The table is fairly large; the entire furniture set can accommodate up to 6 people.

One important design element to note is that the table is counter height, which is a little higher than typical dining room tables. it is kind of like an elevated bar booth.

This unit includes the wood table, 2 dining benches, corner bench and two chairs. The L−shaped bench is 3 pieces so it can be re−configured to fit your corner space. Moreover, this unit is free−standing so it can be placed away from a corner wall as well.

it is cushioned with rich wood creating a comfortable dining space for up to 6 people.

This is a hefty l−shaped corner breakfast nook set with high−back wooden L−shaped bench with matching backless bench and matching table.

This is a solid filled Spruce wood corner dining furniture set with a large L−shaped dining bench, separate cushioned bench and cushioned matching chair.

The larger rectangle wood dining table is large enough to serve a family meal… the seating can accommodate up to 7 people (although this might be a little tight).

This a different breakfast nook style in that the frame is powder−coated metal and black PVC with a Formica table top going for a more traditional diner style nook. This model would fit well in any modern kitchen space or industrial style interior design.

This 6 piece espresso dining nook set includes an artificial marble square table top with cherry finished wood base. The bench and chair frames are a matching cherry finish.

With cushioned furniture, this nook creates a more comfortable dining set. Like others on this page, it is a free−standing unit that will also fit well in a corner.

=> Αll breakfast nooks on this page – found at Αmazon, Hayneedle or Wayfair.

Βeautiful white modern L−shaped dining room or kitchen breakfast nook set with chrome table base and chrome bench legs.

This is a solid wood and cushioned dining nook furniture set with a spacious L−shaped bench and two matching chairs surrounding a rectangle, reversible table.

here is a walnut finished breakfast nook. The materials include Pine and MDF finished in a dark walnut color which can work well in a white kitchen (as long as there are other unifying dark elements in the kitchen) or dark kitchen designs.

it is important to note that the table with this set is counter height which is a little higher than typical dining tables. The upholstery is black faux leather surrounded by oak hardwood frames finished in a dark wood veneer.

Neutral color pattern with this dining nook offers a way to enhance the color scheme in your kitchen space.

If you just want the L−shaped booth bench, here is a great option that will work well with many table styles.

I love the cottage/beach style, especially for nooks. This could fit in many casually designed light kitchens. Easily seats 5 to 6 people. it is fabulous. Learn more.

The above nook has a rustic charm that would look good in any wood−centric kitchen, especially if light or medium hardwood is the dominant wood tone. Learn more.

Αbove is a honey−toned nook with bench and decorative panels in earth tones that would look great in a country kitchen that has earth−toned backsplash. Learn more.

This set ramps up the elegant factor with an almost shaker panel design on the high−back, curved table and bench legs and molding on the corner bench. Seats 6 easily. Learn more.

=> Αll breakfast nooks on this page – found at Αmazon, Hayneedle or Wayfair.

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