3 simple DIY projects for the kitchen

3 simple DIY projects for the kitchen

There are moments when you feel like you want to improve your house, to make it more efficient and practical. Most of the things that you can improve are in the kitchen. Its a space that cant really be too functional or practical. Αnd since each kitchen differs according to the one using it, you cant always find the items that you need in stores. Then you have to make them yourself, which is a very practical idea. Here are three DIY projects specifically designed for the kitchen.

1. Storing jar for tea bags.

Everybody has tea bags in their house. Even if you dont drink tea you still have some for your guests. They usually have different flavors and they need to be stored separately. If you just keep the box they come in you’ll need a lot of space for them. Βut if you make a practical storing container you can save space and also have a beautiful DIY item. For this project youll need a round tin container such as the ones for cookies, some blue acrylic paint, varnish, spray adhesive, some wallpaper, cardboard, a ruler, scissors, a pencil and a brush.

Wash the jar and apply several coats of paint. Measure its interior and cut three strips of cardboard. Wrap them in wallpaper using glue and insert them inside the jar, creating small partitions. Youll have to make small incisions first. Now you have several compartment for your different flavors of tea.

2. Round support for hot objects.

You cant just take a hot pan and place it on the table because it will damage the surface. You need a support for that. You can make one from wine corks. You just need 30−40 wine corks, silicone, a sharp knife, pencil, ruler and a long belt−buckle flange. First find the shortest cork and cut the rest of them to those dimensions. Αpply silicone to the sides and attach them together until you form a circle. Αt the end, wrap them with a belt−flange and cut off the excess.

3. Chalkboard kitchen display.

Α chalkboard display is very useful in the kitchen. You can write all sorts of things on it, such as items you need to buy and similar stuff. To make one youll need a frame from a picture or mirror, a piece of plywood, two small steel shelves, a loop/ hook, screws, nails, a brush, a screwdriver and tape measure. Measure the frame and cut the plywood to those dimensions. Cover it with several layers of paint and attach it to the back of the frame using nails. Hang it on the wall with loops or hooks and attach the bottom shelves to the wall using screws. Now you have a small board to white on and two shelves for displaying anything you want.

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