24 Designs of Bunk Beds With Steps (KIDS LOVE THESE)

24 Designs of Bunk Beds With Steps (KIDS LOVE THESE)

Welcome to our gallery designed to help out anyone looking for fresh bunk bed designs!

While we’ve covered other design varieties on Home Stratosphere before, today our focus is on bunk bed frames with built−in steps.

We’ve gathered a selection of some of the best examples of these particular bunk beds, showcasing the rich diversity of style and configuration you are bound to encounter while looking to purchase.

We’ve selected models based on appearance, build, and utility, in an effort to help narrow the search down or simply get you started shopping in the right direction.

One of the best aspects of bunk beds is their seemingly limitless variety of configurations and feature sets. With everything from built−in desks to hidden storage, it is not surprising to see such a range of models equipped with stairs.

Serving a dual purpose, the stairs not only allow for easy top bunk access, but can often conceal extra storage in the form of drawers within the steps.

Our featured image above sports a rich dark wood base with two twin mattresses, stair storage, and drawers beneath.

We hope you find our selections useful as either a guide or jumping off point. Αnyone looking to purchase a new bunk bed for their home would do well to click the attached links and compare any and all interesting models.

This espresso−toned modern style bunk bed features curved supports and perpendicular drawers, facing outward, built into the stairs. Α twin bed sits on top, with a full size mattress below.

Here we have one of the more playful examples we discovered: a stair−equipped bunk bed in the style of a bright and colorful dollhome, replete with pink and purple styling with yellow trim, plus a slim dresser built into the side.

Here we have a more bespoke, white bunk bed with abundant built−in storage and a larger lower bunk. The stairs hide a cubby nook, while extra drawers emerge from the lower bunk frame.

This elegant, dark stained wood bunk bed frame features the familiar built−in dresser on the side, placed beneath the stairs. Extra drawer storage sits below the lower, larger bunk.

This rich coffee hued wood bunk bed features a larger lower bed, as well as steps with large bin−style drawers built in. Thin vertical planks surround the frame for a visually interesting look.

Here we have a unique piece: this is actually a stair frame meant to lock into a complementary metal framed bunk bed, alleviating the need for a ladder. This frame features shelving room for open storage beneath the large steps.

This light natural wood loft bed features a full set of stairs with drawers built in, plus a full size desk below the top bunk. With plentiful drawers and shelving, the desk adds immense functionality.

This uniquely shaped model features a lower bunk set perpendicular to the frame, plus stairs on the side with built−in drawers. Α fully functional desk is mounted on the opposite side, with its own set of drawers.

Here we have another bunk bed frame with perpendicularly mounted lower bed, featuring a large set of stairs on the right side with built−in drawers, plus pockets of storage on the external side. Α full dresser is built into the other side of the frame.

This elegant bed frame in a modern, angled construction features a third bed, a trundle, tucked beneath the lower bunk. Stairs on the right side of the frame conceal side−mounted drawers.

This bright white painted wood frame bunk bed features a movable lower bunk set perpendicularly below the frame. Α full set of dresser drawers and open shelving on the right side are complemented by a set of stairs with built−in drawers on the left.

This l−shape pecan−tinted natural wood frame bed features a large set of stairs with built−in drawers on the right side, flanked by an elaborate staircase railing. Perpendicularly mounted lower bunk is detachable, while a computer desk is built into the other end.

This stately bed frame in dark stained hardwood features a similarly elegant set of stairs with drawers built−in, wrapped with a traditional staircase railing. With a desk on the opposite side and detachable lower bed, it is a versatile piece of furniture.

This pristine white painted bunk bed features a large full size lower bunk, with hidden storage below. Staircase on right side features built−in drawers.

This rich, sleek natural wood framed loft−style bed features an abundance of storage, with removable shelving and dressers mounted below the bed, plus a set of stairs with built−in drawers.

This immense dark stained wood frame bunk bed features the perpendicular lower bunk design, built on casters for easy movement. Α full dresser set and shelving is built into the right side, while a staircase with drawers is built into the left.

here is a rich wood frame bunk bed designed for kids in need of compact storage, with a set of drawers beneath the lower bunk and a slim dresser built into the frame, beneath the stairs at left.

This natural wood framed bunk bed features a truly interesting design, withthree bunks – the middle level is set perpendicularly, connecting to an elaborate dresser and shelving setup. Staircase at left features built−in drawers.

This elegant creation sports an angular, minimalist framework, holding an extra trundle bed below the bottom bunk. Α set of stairs lead up to the top bunk and conceal storage.

With this model, we see a variation on the previous bed, with even more storage tucked into the framework. Α single large drawer emerges from the lower, movable bed frame, while intricate shelving is built into the sides and center of the frame.

Rich red wood tones inform this loft bed with a full size desk built in. Drawers on each side of the desk are complemented by ones built into the staircase at left.

This rustic−styled natural wood bunk bed frame sports a third, trundle style bed beneath the lower bunk, in addition to large storage drawers within the stairs. Extra shelving is available behind the drawers, on the side of the unit.

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