17 Ingenious Ways Of Reusing Old Leather Belts

17 Ingenious Ways Of Reusing Old Leather Belts

Once you get tired of an old leather belt or once its not usable anymore because of the wear signs, theres still plenty you can do with it. Α leather belt can be repurposed in many different ways. You can use it in all sorts of projects and some of the new uses are quite interesting and ingenious.

For example, heres a fun and original project: a book purse. Its made of three books glued together and a handle made from an old leather belt.{found on steamfashion}.

Using two or more leather belts you can also make a book shelf. You need to find something to hang them from and then simply adjust them at different heights.{found on poppytalk}.

You can also turn an old belt into handles for a handbag. Just cut it into smaller pieces and attach them to the bag. You can sew them on and use strong glue.{found on sunsetgurldesign}.

Α small portion from a thin leather belt can also be used as a pull for a drawer. It has a nice patina and goes well with the wood.{found on improvisedlife}.

Heres another interesting idea: make a display shelf for your sunglasses or for other things. You can make it from a drawer or from other box−like structure and one or two leather belts.{found on clonesnclowns}.

Α single leather belt can be used to make several great napkin rings. Cut it into small pieces, punch holes in each one and overlap the edges. Glue the pieces together or use other method.{found on site}.

Αnother interesting thing you can do with an old leather belt is to wrap it around a flower vase. The vase can be something as simple and a tin can since it wont be visible anyway.

Heres another example of drawer pulls made from old leather belts. They look great in the kitchen where they add texture to the furniture and they also give it an elegant touch.

Α leather belt can also be a practical item to hold the wood pieces together. Gather the wood for the fireplace and pull it tight into a bunch, securing it with a belt.

You can also cut a leather belt in half and attach a belt buckle at the other end to make two smaller belts. You can use them for the curtains in case you want some extra light into the room.

Thin leather belts can also be used for window shades. You can adjust the height as you wish and use the belts to keep the shades at the level you have chosen.

You can also give character to an old table or wall clock by wrapping a leather belt around it. If the belt has the right dimensions then you wont have to modify anything.

In case you have collected several old leather belts and want to use them somehow, you can make a nice entrance mat from them.

Αnother very interesting project would be to make a stool or a chair out of items you no longer need in the home. For example, use several books, a pillow and two old leather belts.

Heres another example of a mat or area rug made from recycled leather belts. They have been cut into small pieces and used to create an interesting geometric pattern.

If you have enough leather belts you can also make a large rug for the living room. You can ask all your friends and relatives to donate their old belts and you can stain them so they all have the same color.

You could also use old leather belts to give a makeover to an old and damaged wooden chair. The diea is to use the belts to make a comfortable woven seat.

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