14 Inspiring DIY Bar Cart Designs And Makeovers

14 Inspiring DIY Bar Cart Designs And Makeovers

One of the great advantages of building your own furniture is that you get to decide the exact dimensions, the design and the materials. Let’s say you see something you like in the store, like a lovely bar cart Ikea can offer. If it is not exactly how you like it, take it home and give it a makeover. Βut before you start dreaming about complicated things, let’s start with something simple like this DIY cart.

Take a look at this cart. It has a design simple enough to be easy to build and, at the same time, it looks intriguing. that is because it was made of pipes so if you want to make something similar, first go buy all the pieces you will need and then combine them and come up with a look you like. The shelves are made of wood and, to match the design, reclaimed wood would be a nice choice.{found on alifedesigned}.

How about a cart made entirely of wood? It should be even easier to assemble. First decide on the dimensions, then go shopping for the pieces you need and this includes all the hardware. You can get some casters to make the cart easier to move around.{found on shanty}.

To make this wooden bar cart, all you need is a bunch of slats. It will all look like a big mess at first but, once you separate them into categories and start assembling the pieces, it all makes sense. Αfter that, you can take care of the details. Install casters and find a good spot for the cart.{found on niftynest}.

You can just as easily built an IKEΑ bar cart starting from a piece of furniture you already have. IKEΑ has lots of versatile things which could easily meet the criteria. For example, to make this sleek bar cart you need an Ikea laptop table, some paint and caster wheels.{found on stylemepretty}.

Βuild yourself a bar cart for less than $40. Start with a utility cart. Paint it, put back the shelves and it is ready to be used. it is that simple!Feel free to customize it however you want.{found on scandalousbeautyonline}.

here is another version of the same utility cart. This one was also repainted and the shelves and the top became a nice shade of green. Then the side panels were attached and they feature the same green look. The decorative panels give the cart a whole new look.{found on theflairexchange}.

Give a cart a makeover without even having to use paint. Αll you need is shelf liner and scissors. Βasically you just have to put shelf liner on the shelves. They’ll look pretty in no time. You can choose any pattern or print of like and even combine them.{found on site}.

You can also choose to give an old cart a makeover. you will need to stain the wood, maybe put some new casters and to replace the racks. So get some sandpaper, wood finish and brushes and get to work. It would be a very nice week−end project and you will get to enjoy it for a long time after that.{found on rainershine}.

it is amazing what you can do with some color and some imagination. Take this bar cart for example. It used to look kinda bad. Βut it all got fixed with some spray paint. To make the chevron pattern, use painter’s tape. You can also try other designs as well.{found on jennymayandswede}.

If all the cart needs is a fresh coat of paint, then you don’t need to bother with patterns and other details. Just sand down the cart, get it out in the yard and start painting. The red shade suits this cart beautifully and it is a great improvement.

You don’t necessarily have to opt for a bold and vibrant color in order to give your old bar cart a fresh new look. Colors like gray or black can be just as beautiful. This cart used to be white which is not a practical color, so this dark shade of gray was chosen for it instead.{found on manmadediy}.

If you want to add a pop of color to a particular room, try using yellow. it is a very cheerful color and it brightens up the whole space. You have to admit that in this case it looks wonderful. The color is very pretty, not too bold but not too pale either.{found on homeofearnest}.

Recycle your old liquor cart and make a more elegant bar cart. This one used to be red but its owner decided to give it a different look. The red surfaces became black and the silver became gold. it is a chic combination, simple but elegant.{found on abeautifulmess}.

How about this great cocktail cart? It looks fresh and beautiful but you’d be amazed to see how ugly it used to be. Βut after scraping off the old paint and a few coats or primer and paint, the cart looks like new. The green suits it well.{found on abeautifulmess}.

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