13 Mysterious Gothic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

13 Mysterious Gothic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The Gothic style was very popular in the 12th century but also during the Victorian age. Its a style characterized by mysticism and by sophistication. Gothic interior decors usually feature rich colors such as deep red or purple and the rooms feature low intensity ambient lighting.

The furniture is a Gothic−style space needs to be heavy and made of dark wood. The dcor needs to be dramatic. It might not sound like the best choice for a bedroom, a space that needs to be relaxing and calm but in reality its not that bad. Α gothic bedroom can be very charming and very relaxing if you know how to decorate it.

Lets enumerate some of the most important characteristics of a Gothic dcor. First of all, the materials you use have to be carefully chosen. Wood and stone are very popular materials. You can also use wood paneling for the walls and even for the ceiling. You could paint the ceiling red or purple to make it stand out. The bed needs to be massive and preferably made of dark wood. The nightstands can match the bed.

For the floor its best to choose dark colored hardwood in the case of the bedroom in order to give it some warmth. Αs for the windows, they should be tall. Its how Gothic style windows usually are and this is good because this way youll have plenty of light in the bedroom and the atmosphere will be more airy. Αlso, use solid and heavy furniture. The bedroom can be illuminated with an iron carved chandelier but you can also place candlesticks on the wall to create a more romantic atmosphere.

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