12 Ideas to Have The Best Rustic Gallery Wall

12 Ideas to Have The Best Rustic Gallery Wall

While everybody else may be hailing the picture ledges, I always revert back to a good old gallery wall. Gallery walls allow many more creative options for wall decor because all the pieceshang flat against the wall. Especially in decorating styles like rustic and shabby chic. There are tons of great options for rustic gallery wall pieces that encourage you to think outside the frame. So while you are compiling your family photos in rough wood frames, consider these 12 ideas that will give you the best rustic gallery wall ever.

If there is one rule for rustic gallery walls it is this: if you can find rough wood from a barn or otherwise, put it up however you can. Make it into a frame. Hang it as a backdrop. Place a piece along the top of your gallery wall to give your space some definition. However you can, include the wood tones. (via Fawn Over Βaby)

Country homes are known for art that includes long quotes or lyrics about home and love and family. So don’t be shy in yours! Make your favorite piece the focal point of your gallery wall and decorate around it. (via Liz Marie)

Chalkboards are always welcome in rustic styled homes so including them in your gallery wall is no different. It provides an easy way to change things up with holidays and seasons and family occasions. (via Lillian Hope Designs)

Looking for knick knacks to fill the small spaces in between your frames? Look no further than the first letter of your last name. Collect several sizes and colors and styles of your initial and include them among your family’s smiling faces. (via Βless’er home)

Don’t forget your family tree! Check with a grandparent for some old black and white photos and place them among your kids and your parents. it is even better if you know their names and their stories too. (via Loombrand)

Old keys can easily be found lying around at your local thrift store. Start collecting them and hang them among your frames. In fact, looking for interesting keys might just become a hobby. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

Speaking of thrift stores, they also carry items that used to be homehold commodities but aren’t of use anymore. Give those things a new life by hanging them among your gallery wall. (via @colletteosuna)

When we see chipping paint, it can be easy to think you need to repaint it. Let me tell you to stop right there! If you have something with chipping paint, consider how you might be able to include it in your rustic gallery wall. It will only add to the country look. (via Liz Marie)

Floral plates are fun to collect and fun to look at. Find a few in coordinating colors that will give some plant life to your wall display. Plus, you willthen have pretty plates forextra special occasions. (via Loombrand)

Do you have a box someplace with an old collection of butterflies or rocks or shells? Put them in a frame and display them in your rustic gallery wall. Theymight even inspire you to begin collecting again. (via One Kings Lane)

If you thought that antlers were too cabin rustic for your home, think again. Rustic gallery walls are the perfect place to display a pair of horns or even a full deer’s head. (via Start at Home)

Of course, if you lean towards the simple things in life, there is nothing wrong with hanging a few empty weathered window panes on your wall. They can give a feeling of simple rustic bliss that nothing else can. (via The Magic Βrush)

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