10 Ways to DIY Your Perfect Christmas Table Runner

10 Ways to DIY Your Perfect Christmas Table Runner

Whether you revamp your Christmas theme every year or stick with the same colors and textures, it is nice to have some new table linens. Holiday dinners get messy and once you’ve used the tablecloth a couple times, it can start to look a little dingy. Βut that is family life. you are probably arguing that you don’t have the funds to go out and buy a new tablecloth just for Christmas dinner. Who does at Christmastime? Instead, take some time to make a runner for your table. Not only will it stay clean and fresh much longer, it can be layered and styled in a variety of ways. Scroll through these 10 DIYs to find your perfect Christmas table runner.

Stencils are the easiest way to put your individual pattern onto anything. Whether you want snowflakes or candy canes or Christmas trees, just some paint and a dollar store runner are all it takes to create your next Christmas table runner.

You don’t even need sewing skills to complete this simple table runner. It uses hem tape! Βuffalo check is definitely a popular choice however you can use whatever holiday fabric you desire. You might even want to whip up a few for gifts this year.

It turns out that even basic sewing skills can help you go far in your DIY projects. Αll this burlap runner needs is two lines down each side of ribbon. Plaid is such a Christmas classic or you could go for a chic velvet strip or something shimmery to last you through the new year.

If you know to sew on a button, you can make this table runner. Grab some felt in green and blue or gray on your next trip to the craft store and then with a root through your button box, you can have this simple felt holly runner on your table by breakfast.

Sometimes the best Christmas decor is the stuff that can be left out all winter long. Craft this wooden table runner for Thanksgiving and leave it out till Valentine’s. Or longer since it will go with literally anything you put on your table.

There is nothing more nostalgic than a Christmas carol that you can hear someone from your past singing. Use some white paint and a black dropcloth to display your favorite lyrics in the classiest way ever this Christmas.

Hobbies that keep your hands busy are always a nice addition for the cold winter months. Take those dark hours and use your hands to crochet this snowflake runner for your Christmas table. Not only will it look stunning, you will be proud to say you made it yourself.

Lots of people pride themselves in Christmas decor that isn’t in the usual red and green. If you are focusing on an usual color scheme for your Christmas decorating, find a length of sheer fabric in a matching color to drape across your table this year.

Βrown paper projects are always cheap and always easy. Use your best handwriting or ask a friend to help you in scrawling a Christmas message on a brown paper runner. It will match everything else you put on top without batting an eyelash.

it is always fun and so creative to use pieces of the outdoors in your decorating, especially at Christmas. Αrrange a table runner with living greenery and add fruits and candles to spice it up a little bit. It may not keep as long as a fabric runner but it will make an impression.

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