10 Vintage Home Decor Ideas - DIY Style

10 Vintage Home Decor Ideas - DIY Style

You can pick these up at a second hand store or a garage sale, but they don't have to be marked exactly like in the photo below, giving them that specific aged appearance. you’ll find that as long as you have a piece of wood, be it a frame, a desk or a chair, you’ll be able to transorm it completely. This is done with distressing and antiquing. There are more complex ways of doing this, and there are very simple ways. It involves sanding slightly wet paint. If you want to distress the wood, you’ll have to be more careful with the frame, that you don't knock it out of place because it involves bashing it about a little.

Αn old bicycle with a basket attached to the front is simply a classic. This is great parked on the porch, or even just in the entrance. Here, it will really make a statement. Α couple of sunflowers placed inside the basket will brighten it up even more.

Glass is typically vintage and you see this a lot with this theme. Αlongside this, is often a colorful arrangement of flowers. Of course, you don't have to put flowers in your vase. There are also a lot of other accessories that you can stick to. Even marbles will add a little bit of interest.

Get yourself an ordinary jar and spray paint it silver. Now put in a couple of sticks of rock candy. The combination of colors against the silver is superb.

Α headboard can easily be made out of any sort of door, such as a pantry, kitchen or cupboard door. Once you know how to distress the wood, then it will go a lot faster. This one in the photo below has a nice feature at the top, because of the way the door has been made, but there are lots of different forms that doors come in. Α nice headboard can also be made out of two shutters, and these can be picked up really cheaply at fleamarkets. This is where you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

THere’s no need to go to an antique store and buy an inexpensive item that’s going to eat away into your budget. Look around at cheap garage sales and fleamarkets. Put a little work and effort into things like dressers, cabinets and tables. You can buy these for a couple of dollars. you’ll actually appreciate them more because you’re able to add your own personal touch, which you can't put a price on.

You may even be able to get a small section of a little picket fence for free. When you see your neighbor upgrading to something new, jump in there and you’ll strike a good deal. Now all you need to do is paint it a color of your choice, using a technique to give it that good old aged look. This looks good on the wall in the same way that an old shutter does, and adds a lot of character at the same time.

The wooden pallet is becoming popular for house owners who want to explore their decorative talents. THere’s so much you can do with this, and it’s perfect for the vintage theme. Decide what you’re going to do, first of all. You can make a table for the patio, or even convert it into a coffee table. It could be converted into a couch with an interesting cushion placed on top. It can be placed on the wall in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen, and this will give you some practical purposes for it as well. It could hold a couple of bottles of wine.

you’ll be surprised how easy these pillows are to make. There are different ways of making them, tHere’s even a method where no sewing is required at all − this would definitley suit me. In this photo you can see that there are buttons at the back, so you just have to make a couple of holes there.

The back piece should be a couple of inches taller than the front, so you can join the two together.

You have probably seen shutters a lot lately. This is just because they look so good. On top of that, they serve for an excellent practical purpose, as you can see from the photo below. They’re good for placing next to your desk at house. Use big clips to attach photos, memos and other fun as well as important documents.

You can hang one on the wall and paint it in a rustic way. You can even put one in the kitchen and hang all of your cooking utensils off there.

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