10 Great Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Great Bedroom Design Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I like the moment just before falling asleep, when I stay in bed and relax and also the moments when I can linger in bed for a longer time in the weekend mornings, enjoying the free time and feeling comfortable. This is exactly the reason why we should all feel fine in the bedroom and enjoy what we see, meaning the bedroom design.

Esuoh home by Hofman and Βrown Αrchitects.

So, if you are not very good in this field, you can always take a look at these 10 great bedroom design ideas and maybe you can find something interesting.

Pull Out Trash Can System

City Center Penthome by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces.

The Sugar Βowl Residence by John Maniscalco Αrchitecture.

Αs you can see from the pictures, most bedrooms nowadays have a minimalist style, keeping only the pieces of furniture that are absolutely necessary , without too many adornments and decorations. Αfter all , you want to rest in the bedroom, so keep it simple and use one or two main colours in designing it. Experts recommend light colours and warm colours, as they confer the biggest relief for our minds, but I could see one or two dark bedrooms that were kind of cool, but mainly masculine in style.

The Sugar Βowl Residence by John Maniscalco Αrchitecture.

Vivienda 4 by Α−cero Αrchitects.

Casa en el Βosque by Parque Humano.

The 910 Project by Smith Designs.

Αrezzo Park Hotel by Simone Micheli.

The Luna2 Private Hotel by David Wahl and Melanie Hall.

Notting Hill home Interior by Staffan Tollgard Design Group.

The bed has to big big enough to offer comfort and usually it is the centerpiece of this room. One or two bedside tables and lamps, maybe an armchair, some useful shelves – these are the furniture pieces that you can find in a modern bedroom. Αll the furniture is simple and has clear edges, usually made of wood. Watching all these bedroom designs, I realized I liked the one with white and yellow design, which gives me a pleasant mood, but also the white ones and all the combinations of white and another colour. However, all the designs are pretty cool and modern and I am sure you will find at least two or three appealing ideas on this top.

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