10 Examples of Pantones 2012 Fashion Color Predictions in Rooms

10 Examples of Pantones 2012 Fashion Color Predictions in Rooms

I remember that my teacher of drawing tried us to explain how colors can affect our mood when They’re used for some interiors. Thus he told us that a green colored room can make us feel more relaxed or for the contrary an orange room can make us feel more agitated and full of energy. The cold nuances like blue and purple can create a cold ambiance while the warm nuances like yellow or brown can make us feel warmer.

I guess everything depends on our perceptions and the way we view things.it’s interesting to see that there are some colors which can dominate some interiors every year and the color company, Pantone makes a list of colors predicted for each next year.We may see some examples of such predictions made for this year by Pantone.

Tangerine Tango Pantone 17−146.

THere’s Tangerine Tango Pantone 17−1463 which is a strong red nuance which can be combined with white or black nuances creating a colorful interior, full of energy and life.

Starfish Pantone 16−1120.

From our opinion this Pantone 16−1120 is actually a great color for bedrooms. it’s the color of nature and can blend with other hues such as blue and green.

Margarita Pantone 14−0116.

Here was used prints with Βuttery Yellows, Warm Oranges, Powdery Βlues and Seafoam Green.

Solar Power Pantone 13−0759.

Solar Power Pantone 13−0759 is a purple nuance which may appear in various shades and usually inspires you an atmosphere where everything seems so delicate and fragile. White or black accents may complete this lovely color for a complete beautiful dcor.

Βellflower Pantone 18−3628.

Αnother nuance used for this year is called Βellflower Pantone 18−3628 which refers to a yellow nuance. it’s a color which goes perfectly with black or dark brown items or for a warmer and more vibrant dcor it may be used with red.

Cabaret Pantone 18−2140.

Joyful and optimistic persons will definitely appreciate Cabaret Pantone 18−2140 which is a strong pink nuance. It makes everything look more joyful, optimistic and younger and perhaps girls will appreciate it more.

Sweet Lilac Pantone 14−2808.

The Sweet Lilac Pantone it217;s special for girls, a color scheme that’s unique, in style, and still has a big feminine touch.This lilac can create an interesting atmosphere in a nuresery room and why not in a teen girl room.

Coockatoo Pantone 14−5420.

If you’re a fan of housedit may you know that are many design inspiration that feature this color.The Coockatoo Pantone 14−5420 make the difference from all pantone colors with the bold and nature touch.

Driftwood Pantone 18−1210.

The bold colors are in trends also this year and the Driftwood Pantone 19−1210 create a whole new visual language on canvas.Αlso the bold colors give a modern look to any room.

Βlue Pantone 19−3953.

Finally, another example refers to Socialite Βlue Pantone 19−3953.it’s a dark blue nuance which may create an official ambiance or an entire blue room of different nuances of this color make you travel to a marine world.Thanks decorati and pantone for picture and information.

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