10 Big Solutions for Small Spaces

10 Big Solutions for Small Spaces

Small house spaces are one of the biggest troubles faced by people living especially in some of the top cities in the world. They find it very difficult to renovate their houses with the limited space available at hand. In such cases there are many interior designing alternatives available which can be implemented to make the house feel warmer and bigger. Finding the right ideas suitable for the houses is the crucial step. Selecting the right type of furniture for the house is very important. If the size of the bedroom is very small try using a full size bed rather than a queen size one. Instead of placing it close to the wall place it in the center.

While using furniture for the drawing room buy furniture which are light in weight and chairs that are without headrests,this will enable easy access to the chair.

Αnother matter to be noted is that the furniture used in limited space houses must be of curved sides, this will help moving around the house easier and less dangerous, in case of houses with small children. In small spaces it’s much preferable to use bold coloring while repainting. This way they can use a variety of bright and bold colors and make the room appear livelier and bigger.

If the floors are made of concrete the try replacing them with floor boards with long vertical strips. Such designs will give the rooms a bigger look.

Try using glass doors for the closets, this will make the room appear brighter and give a glow to the room. In case of hanging curtains try hanging them from the ceilings rather than from the top of the windows this will make the room appear higher.

Try partitioning the available space inside the house into sections based on their functions like dining room, office area etc, this can help in giving the room a larger look.

In the kitchens while installing shelves try installing open shelves. These shelves need not be used for the sole purpose of placing crockery, paintings, flowers and small figurines cam also be placed to make the kitchen appear cozier.{1 and 2 and last picture source}.

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