10 Beautiful Interior Designs Featuring The Eames Molded Plastic Side Chairs

10 Beautiful Interior Designs Featuring The Eames Molded Plastic Side Chairs

Designed by Charles & Ray Eames back in 1948, the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair is one of those furniture pieces that will never be out of fashion. Its simple, elegant and functional and this makes it a timeless piece of furniture. This classic chair is also very versatile and can be included is various interior designs. We have selected 10 examples to demonstrate this theory.

The stylish Eames side chair is perfect for dining rooms. Here we have a very bright dining area decorated using a color palette that revolves around shades of gray and white. The chairs are all shown in white and match the table. The subtle accessories add a few touches of color and thus the dcor fails at being monotonous.

This is another dining room. This time the dcor is eclectic and more colorful. The yellow Eames chairs are arranged around a white, round table and they make a nice transition between the neutral and the bold elements. Even though theyre the only yellow pieces in the room, they dont clash with the other colorful pieces.

The Eames side chairs have a design that allows them to be both casual and elegant. We covered the first type of dcor with the previous examples so now its time to illustrate the other dimension of the chairs. Here we have an elegant dining room that can be placed somewhere between modern and traditional in terms of interior dcor.The robust wooden table contrasts with the sleek chairs and the delicate pendant lamp and a very beautiful balance is created.

This is a modern living room and the interesting thing about it’s the fact that’s basically has windows on three walls. This allows tons of natural light to get inside and allows everyone to admire the beautiful views. The dcor of the room is simple and modern. The only touch of color is brought by the Eames chairs, this time features in red.

Βy now we covered a few different colors that these chairs can have. Βut this dining room is the first one to mix them. In this example we have a casual dining room dcor with wooden floors and plenty of color. Theres a small, round table with four Eames side chairs, each one in a different color.

We now change the theme and we analyze a house office. Αs you can see, the dcor is very simple, austere even. The work table is made of wood with a natural finish and its surrounded by various types of chairs, among which two white Eames side chairs. They look refreshing and they blend in perfectly.

Αnd were back to dining rooms. Its actually a living space with an open floor plan. The dining sector is not clearly delimitated. Its placed in front on the window for more natural light and its composed of a round dining table and eight Eames side chairs, two of which are green. The rest of the chairs are white and match the table.

This is a vintage dining room dcor. The color palette is very beautiful and so is the variety of textures. Theres also a nice balance of light and dark areas and the atmosphere seems very cozy and inviting. The dcor features a classical round table with a white top and a metal base, surrounded by Eames side chairs, this type featuring wooden feet.

The Eames side chairs can also be successfully included in kitchen interior designs. For example, we have here a contemporary kitchen with a predominantly white interior, lots of wall storage units and shelves and a beautiful kitchen island/bar in the middle. In a corner theres also a small, round, white table with two matching Eames side chairs and a comfortable, built−in bench.

Αnd heres another kitchen, this time with an eclectic interior. Its divided into a work space for preparing the meals and an inviting dining space. This area is organized near an accent wall and features a white, round table and three pale turquoise Eames side chairs. On the wall theres also a painting with a similar color palette.

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